Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A heart divided

It has been nearly two months since my last post. Over Christmas I came to the realization that I just cannot do it all. I try to be super mom, super wife, super crafter, super friend and in the meantime I'm becomming super tired and super overwhelmed. I had to make the decision to cut some things out and my blogs were one of those things. Oh, I'll post every now and then. But for now here's what has been on my agenda:

Making pine cone bird feeders with my boys. Aunt Rachel D. gave them the supplies for Christmas. What a creative and thrifty idea for a gift!!

Ensuring that cowboy day was nothing less than spectacular and going to school to help with lunch and read a book to the children.

A little wrestling, even though there are clothes to be folded.

Enjoying seeing my handywork being worn by the baby (it was nap time).

Watching the delight on my boys' faces when they saw the robes I had made them from the fabric they picked out.

Making memories


And spending some quality time with this really cute guy!

But, it's a new year. I have new goals, new ideas and a renewed urge to purge, simplify and organize. I'm excited!!

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  1. Sew understanding the urge to be "all" to "everyone", but with the first priority the blessings we have been given, how important it is to make memories and share moments (even the unhappy, tired ones) with them as well.

    Blogland will be here when you are. Enjoy your family!!!!!!!