Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas ornament 2009 - tutorial

I get together with a group of girlfriends every December to have a Christmas party and ornament exchange. It's so much fun! I make 10 ornaments (all the same) and bring home 10 ornaments (one from each girlfriend). It's so enjoyable to see how everyone's personality comes out in their ornament. Here is my oragami ornament for this year and a tutorial on how to make it.

Begin by making a

Connect three sonobe units together by tucking the point of one underneath the triangular tab of another. You will have a unit that looks like this:

The next part is a little tricky, but you can do it. Take the points that are sticking out and tuck them under the triangular tab of their neighbor. You will end up with a unit that looks like two pyramids connected by their base.

Once you have three of these units made, you connect them with a ribbon in order to make your ornament. Start by threading your ribbon through a large crafting needle. The length of your ribbon is your personal preference. Thread your needle through one of the units starting at one point of the pyramid and coming out the point of the other pyramid.

Thread the ribbon back through the opposite way, making a loop at the top of the unit. I tied a knot at the base of the loop next to the unit so that the unit couldn't be pulled off of the ribbon.

Tie a knot in the ribbon on the other side of the unit as well. Then, thread the ribbon through the next unit and tie a knot. Thread the ribbon through the last unit and tie a knot. Here's what you should end up with.

And here's all the other ornaments I brought home from the party. So much fun!!


  1. Whew! You scared me with the teeny, tiny hole to thread string through...I'm picturing my boys here...and forgetting God invented such things as needles! LOL

    I've been waiting for this tutorial...sew thank you very much! I love all the little ornaments you came home with!

    Bless you and yours tonight with peaceful sleep and a happy waking up in the morning!

  2. I love this, I think this year I will go for an all paper ornament theme. This way I have the whole year to actually pull it off!