Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Button ring tutorial...and eggs

I have my Grammy's old box of buttons. How cool is that? You can see how frugal she was. Some of the buttons still have thread on them. I'm sure she cut buttons off a shirt before throwing the shirt into the rag bin. I've intended to do something with them, but couldn't decide what. I'll probably end up making a bracelet too. For now, here's a cute little way to wear vintage buttons and remember Grammy at the same time.

Buy some ring findings. I found mine on ebay and paid about $1 per ring. Use a heavy duty thread such as cross stitch or quilting thread. Sew in and out of the holes several times to secure your thread. I like to do it this way to avoid using glue. Sew your buttons on just like you would if you were sewing them onto a shirt. I like to layer different colors, but any more than three layers starts looking funny.

Finish by sewing the through the thread underneath the ring several times to secure it. I like making what I call flat knots to avoid making real knots which can be very bulky.

**Disclaimer** These are not original with me. I saw them somewhere (can't remember where) and recreated them the way I wanted to. I never meant to suggest that I came up with the idea.

Cute, huh? I'm so glad I finally got some made.

We've been buying farm fresh eggs and I just love the way they taste! I would love to have my own chickens some day. I always think it's funny how much they vary in size. I makes you really wonder how in the world the eggs in the store can be all exactly they same size...hmmm

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  1. haha...actually they separate the sizes of the eggs for the shops. At least here in my country you can find the letters S, M and L for them... but yeah, don't taste as good as the ones from our own chickens. =)